In memory of Gail Hansen…..

We have been very saddened to hear of the tragic death of Gail Hansen on Saturday 2nd June 2010.  Gail was one of our pioneer ladies in the Summer Sweet Shop and worked with us for three years from 2006 before retiring in 2009.

We will remember Gail very fondly for her wonderful fun attitude towards life and to growing older.  She never complained and always had such a positive approach to every day and seized every opportunity for enjoyment.  We along with many of our Sweet Shop customers will remember her well and will miss her.  Our very sincere condolences go out to her family and friends who loved her.

From all of us at Birdwoods Gallery and Sweet Shop xxx


‘Making A Mark’ an exhibition of work by Sandy Densem…

We are delighted to currently be showing  an exhibition of oil paintings and drawings by Sandy Densem. 

Sandy was born in Zimbabwe and studied Fine Art in Cape Town in the 1970’s majoring in oil painting – she has been painting and exhibiting since then.  Sandy then taught art and textiles for many years in Zimbabwe and also worked with interior designers and architects to produce soft furnishings, paintings and wall murals for a group of safari lodges.  These years have given Sandy a deeper understanding of the surface qualities of artwork being translated into the textural layering process so evident in  her drawing and painting.  Sandy currently lives in Hawke’s Bay with her husband Ray.

To read more about Sandy’s inspiration click here.   (This will give you a much greater understanding and appreciation of the images below.)

In the meantime have a look at her works on show until the end of April – and if you would like to purchase any, be quick as eleven sold on the opening night and another four since then!  We look forward to seeing you at the Gallery or feel free to contact us on email.

Thanks for reading…. enjoy Sandy’s work below.  

From Louise and all at Birdwoods Gallery x

For the Love of a Good Horse…..

March is a big deal for those who love horses in Hawkes Bay which hosts the annual Horse of the Year Show. One of the largest equestrian events in the world and a weeks feast for equine lovers.

To coincide with this, we are currently hosting a beautiful exhibition of equestrian photography and ephemera from Diana Black Design. Many of our regular visitors will know the very talented Julia Whyte from her weekends here at Birdwoods and we are delighted to be showcasing the wonderful range of work she creates as Diana Black Design. A few months ago we gave you a taste of what was to come – here it is.

A few images  of Julia’s works and a rarely seen picture of herself!

Diana Black Design

Diana Black Design

Diana Black Design

Julia Whyte

Images and Ephemera

This exhibition will be showing until Monday 2nd April, but if you are not able to visit in person do have a look on Julia’s website

Diana where you can see her complete range of works.

The pièce de résistance – the triptych of Millie – an interior design masterpiece.

Until next time, thank you for reading, from Louise and all at Birdwoods x

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Jane Gray’s Wine Country Pop-Up Exhibition…..

Birdwoods is delighted to be hosting Jane Gray’s 2012 Pop-Up Exhibition in our Conservatory for the month of February.  Curator and Hawke’s Bay artist Jane Gray has collected a stunning range of artworks for the exhibition and includes the following artists:

Renee Boyd – John Edgar – Fane Flaws – Jane Gray – Merryn Jones – Chloe King – Peata Larkin – Philipp Meier – David Murray – Darcy Nicholas – John Staniford – Freeman White – Kerry Whitney – William Jameson – Ricks Terstappen

Here are a few images of the works on show – so do come in before it closes if you are local and if not, have a look on Jane’s website

Until next time ….. Louise and all at Birdwoods x

Feather Art by Rose McKellar of Canterbury…..

Our latest exhibition is a contemporary collection of framed feather artworks by Rose McKellar of Christchurch.  Rose has been involved in feather art for 12 years having a passion for their colour and texture.  The work is exhibited in black or white shadow boxed frames with white mounts using only New Zealand birds.

She has exhibited in many galleries around New Zealand and has commissioned works held in private collections around the world.

Here are a few images of her work which to be honest do not do her justice as they are quite beautiful framed and mounted in reality!

Prices start at $845 and the pieces are on display in the Birdwoods Conservatory until the end of January 2012.  Do come in and see this very special collection or contact us for more details.

(Top image – unknown,  the rest by Rose McKellar.)

With thanks for reading,

Louise x

Thinking about Rebuilding…..

 A heart warming story……










“Thinking About Rebuilding”

By Tendai Gwaravaza of Chitungwize Arts Community, Zimbabwe – For the People of Christchurch(Opalstone) $650

This is a very special piece of sculpture carved by one of our favourite artists, Tendai Gwaravaza.  We have known Tendai now for more than 5 years – not only is he a very talented sculptor, but also a kind, intelligent and honourable man. 

When we arrived in Zimbabwe in May this year and visited with Tendai, he explained he had carved this particular sculpture with “the people of Christchurch in my heart” and that he wanted to donate it to help raise funds for the rebuilding program. 

 You will see on one side of ‘Thinking About Rebuilding’ the echoes of the city’s strong buildings and on the other the collapsed shapes caused by the earthquakes. 

 Tendai said “I hope that Christchurch will rise again strongly from the damage and that their people know they are not alone – even in Zimbabwe we are thinking of them.”  The $650 from the sale of this sculpture will be donated to Christchurch’s Court Theatre rebuilding fund.

Tendai Gwaravaza is a highly respected sculptor at the Chitungwiza Arts Centre. Here is his biography, in his own words:

Tendai pictured with one of his sculptures at Chitungwiza Arts Centre in Zimbabwe – May 2011

“My birth in the summer of the year 1981 brought solace to my family. I am the oldest of 6 siblings and grew gracefully under the guidance of my grandmother. She was an amazing storyteller and potter. Many artists would gravitate to my village from time to time. A wood carver lived nearby, so did an influential blacksmith by the banks of the river. There was the love for art everywhere around me.  My father and great inspirational mentor, John Gwaravaza, introduced me to stone sculpting in 1995. We did portraits, busts, penguins and a wider variety of small animal sculptures. Throughout my protégé/mentorship period, I brought to life the art form I call “spiritual shadows” which marked the beginning of a new era for me. My sculpture portrays balance, proportion, colour and imagination and I am pleased to donate 10% of all my sales to charity.”

The Court Theatre in Christchurch reopened in its new premises last Saturday 10th December, 2011, in Addington within an old factory shed.  It took just 16 weeks to build a 400 seat theatre after a huge fund raising effort providing a much anticipated injection of entertainment, diversion and pleasure for the people of the City.

We at Birdwoods feel humbled by this gesture from a country and people that know suffering more than any should and are proud to be able to represent them with this effort and hope it won’t be long before we are able to send them a cheque from the stone sculptors of Chitungwize in Zimbabwe.

Until next time, from all of us at Birdwoods x

Introducing our new Black and White Conservatory ……

We are delighted with our new Conservatory – now finished and looking glamorous with its black and white floor and views over the garden.  The Conservatory provides us with a ‘proper’ exhibition space and we are delighted to be showing a selection of wonderful photographic images by Julia Whyte of Diana Black Design – displayed below and all demonstrating her great love and eye for horses.    These are limited editions and are framed simply in black and white (dimensions ranging between 60 – 98cm wide and 72 – 76cm high including the frames). 

We will be holding a major exhibition of Julia’s photographs throughout March next year to coincide with the Horse of the Year (13 – 18th March).

Millicent -$980  1/25

Peter’s Colt 2  $980  1/25

Peter’s Colt 1  $980  1/25

Polo Ponies 3  $980  1/25

Polo Ponies 2  $980  1/25

Rupert  $980  1/25

Polo Ponies 1  $780  1/25

Archibald – Priceless!

Do have a look at Julia’s collection of images on

We are looking forward to seeing some of you at our Open Day this Saturday for a glass of Pimms and first viewing of the new Conservatory.

Louise and all at Birdwoods x