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Sweet Shop Magic….

This week was the last week of the New Zealand July school holidays and a time when our Sweet Shop has been open every day from 10am to 4pm, and the lovely Lorraine, Dawn and Glen have been working very hard indeed.  (One has to be a very fit and friendly Grandmother to work here).  Many will know Lorraine who is the Chief Humbug (Manager) looking gorgeous here at Easter Time!

From the minute the door opens the shop fills with excited children and adults too, gloves in hand, ready to dip into the jars, taste their favourites and count out their precious pennies as the bag is weighed and tied up with string which winds out of an old syrup tin.   Mouths full they have been playing hopscotch, hoop the stick and walk the stilts, despite the mud from all the footprints after the rain and the sticky fingers in the Gallery!

Top selling Gob Stoppers – Mr Marffy’s favourite.  Perfect to keep the children quiet and the car sticky!

The magic of the Sweet Shop works on everyone who visits – memories are made from these and will hopefully be passed on down through the generations.   My grandmother used to walk my brother and I down  to Mrs Marsh’s Shop in Holne Village in Devon aged about five.  It left such an imprint on me that we had to create our own version in Hawke’s Bay many years on.  (Except Mrs Marsh was rather grumpy and we were not allowed to taste any of the sweets!).

Leo the Lion looks on whilst this little girl has a go at Hoop the Stick.  It’s harder than you think!

A big thank you to our Wellington customers – someone is talking about us as we have had lots of delightful visitors from your part of the world.  We love first time customers – the ladies always have a story to tell about visitors at the end of each day.

If you have never been to the Sweet Shop, do make a point of it and don’t tell us that you don’t eat sweets as we know that line all too well!!

Finally, Archie was hoping that he would be slipped his favourite sweet – anything with aniseed!

As always, thank you for your reading time.

Louise and all at Birdwoods x