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Jane Gray’s Wine Country Pop-Up Exhibition…..

Birdwoods is delighted to be hosting Jane Gray’s 2012 Pop-Up Exhibition in our Conservatory for the month of February.  Curator and Hawke’s Bay artist Jane Gray has collected a stunning range of artworks for the exhibition and includes the following artists:

Renee Boyd – John Edgar – Fane Flaws – Jane Gray – Merryn Jones – Chloe King – Peata Larkin – Philipp Meier – David Murray – Darcy Nicholas – John Staniford – Freeman White – Kerry Whitney – William Jameson – Ricks Terstappen

Here are a few images of the works on show – so do come in before it closes if you are local and if not, have a look on Jane’s website

Until next time ….. Louise and all at Birdwoods x


Feather Art by Rose McKellar of Canterbury…..

Our latest exhibition is a contemporary collection of framed feather artworks by Rose McKellar of Christchurch.  Rose has been involved in feather art for 12 years having a passion for their colour and texture.  The work is exhibited in black or white shadow boxed frames with white mounts using only New Zealand birds.

She has exhibited in many galleries around New Zealand and has commissioned works held in private collections around the world.

Here are a few images of her work which to be honest do not do her justice as they are quite beautiful framed and mounted in reality!

Prices start at $845 and the pieces are on display in the Birdwoods Conservatory until the end of January 2012.  Do come in and see this very special collection or contact us for more details.

(Top image – unknown,  the rest by Rose McKellar.)

With thanks for reading,

Louise x

Thinking about Rebuilding…..

 A heart warming story……










“Thinking About Rebuilding”

By Tendai Gwaravaza of Chitungwize Arts Community, Zimbabwe – For the People of Christchurch(Opalstone) $650

This is a very special piece of sculpture carved by one of our favourite artists, Tendai Gwaravaza.  We have known Tendai now for more than 5 years – not only is he a very talented sculptor, but also a kind, intelligent and honourable man. 

When we arrived in Zimbabwe in May this year and visited with Tendai, he explained he had carved this particular sculpture with “the people of Christchurch in my heart” and that he wanted to donate it to help raise funds for the rebuilding program. 

 You will see on one side of ‘Thinking About Rebuilding’ the echoes of the city’s strong buildings and on the other the collapsed shapes caused by the earthquakes. 

 Tendai said “I hope that Christchurch will rise again strongly from the damage and that their people know they are not alone – even in Zimbabwe we are thinking of them.”  The $650 from the sale of this sculpture will be donated to Christchurch’s Court Theatre rebuilding fund.

Tendai Gwaravaza is a highly respected sculptor at the Chitungwiza Arts Centre. Here is his biography, in his own words:

Tendai pictured with one of his sculptures at Chitungwiza Arts Centre in Zimbabwe – May 2011

“My birth in the summer of the year 1981 brought solace to my family. I am the oldest of 6 siblings and grew gracefully under the guidance of my grandmother. She was an amazing storyteller and potter. Many artists would gravitate to my village from time to time. A wood carver lived nearby, so did an influential blacksmith by the banks of the river. There was the love for art everywhere around me.  My father and great inspirational mentor, John Gwaravaza, introduced me to stone sculpting in 1995. We did portraits, busts, penguins and a wider variety of small animal sculptures. Throughout my protégé/mentorship period, I brought to life the art form I call “spiritual shadows” which marked the beginning of a new era for me. My sculpture portrays balance, proportion, colour and imagination and I am pleased to donate 10% of all my sales to charity.”

The Court Theatre in Christchurch reopened in its new premises last Saturday 10th December, 2011, in Addington within an old factory shed.  It took just 16 weeks to build a 400 seat theatre after a huge fund raising effort providing a much anticipated injection of entertainment, diversion and pleasure for the people of the City.

We at Birdwoods feel humbled by this gesture from a country and people that know suffering more than any should and are proud to be able to represent them with this effort and hope it won’t be long before we are able to send them a cheque from the stone sculptors of Chitungwize in Zimbabwe.

Until next time, from all of us at Birdwoods x

Introducing our new Black and White Conservatory ……

We are delighted with our new Conservatory – now finished and looking glamorous with its black and white floor and views over the garden.  The Conservatory provides us with a ‘proper’ exhibition space and we are delighted to be showing a selection of wonderful photographic images by Julia Whyte of Diana Black Design – displayed below and all demonstrating her great love and eye for horses.    These are limited editions and are framed simply in black and white (dimensions ranging between 60 – 98cm wide and 72 – 76cm high including the frames). 

We will be holding a major exhibition of Julia’s photographs throughout March next year to coincide with the Horse of the Year (13 – 18th March).

Millicent -$980  1/25

Peter’s Colt 2  $980  1/25

Peter’s Colt 1  $980  1/25

Polo Ponies 3  $980  1/25

Polo Ponies 2  $980  1/25

Rupert  $980  1/25

Polo Ponies 1  $780  1/25

Archibald – Priceless!

Do have a look at Julia’s collection of images on

We are looking forward to seeing some of you at our Open Day this Saturday for a glass of Pimms and first viewing of the new Conservatory.

Louise and all at Birdwoods x

South Island Travels…..

Last week  we spent a few days in the South Island attending the annual Culverden Fair, Art in a Garden and visiting Akaroa and various galleries in order to re-charge our creative batteries and pause for a while to take stock and look from outside in to our own business, except there was little pausing!  It was a very stimulating few days.  Here are some photographs.

6000 people, mostly women from all over New Zealand come to shop at the premier crafts fair of the year organised by three farmers wives.  This year was the 20th anniversary and a splendid day it was.

The Humble Hanky Stall – our favourite – small, simple, clever, well priced and the ladies were having fun!

Flaxmere Garden in Howarden, a garden of national significance owned by Penny Zino hosted Art in A Garden the same weekend.  A magnificent venue with a huge selection of sculpture on show.

My favourite – a bronzed heron guarding the ponds as a permanent resident.

Fiona Pears, now internationally known violinist was entertaining the crowds and a very talented performer.

Our selection for the People’s Choice Award – Christchurch Cathedral made out of corrugated iron by Ben Jensen who is under 15 years old and is raising funds to rebuild the cathedral. 

Talking of rebuilds, we were fortunate to be shown around the new Court Theatre, which is currently being completely rebuilt within a huge factory shed space.  The Court building was destroyed in the earthquake and thanks to  a tremendous fund raising drive led by the CEO Philip Aldridge it will re-open in just over a month.  The first public institution in Christchurch to do so – an incredible feat during incredible times for the city.

We were very sobered by the sight of central Christchurch, until one actually sees it, one does not really comprehend the scale of the disaster.

We also visited a professional sculptor, Raymond Herber of Iron Ridge Quarry in the Waipara Valley where he shows his permanent display of sculptures.  If you are passing, do visit as it is quite something.

This very large Clydesdale horse is metal coated in stainless steel and is extremely impressive particularly in this landscape.

Our last day we visited Akaroa on their French Festival Day – it was perfect weather and Akaroa came out in all its glory.  Only an hour and a half from Christchurch – spectacular scenary, lots of great cafes, little shops and galleries and friendly French people who did not say much.

We also liked their current political stance!

It was good to experience South Island hopsitality and see their creative side, but it was also reassuring to know that what we are doing here is on track and we hope a visit to Birdwoods is up with the best visitor experiences in New Zealand.  Next time, we will show you in more detail our new Conservatory addition and the inaugural exhibition.

Until next time,

Louise and all at Birdwoods x

Welcome to New Zealand……

A big week indeed – my wonderful and very brave parents, Richard and Venetia Winkfield have made the big move and migrated to New Zealand to start a new life, leaving behind a very full and old life in Zimbabwe where they have always lived.

Bruce, Sophie, Harry and the dogs waiting for the arrival of the bus from Wellington – 42 hours of travelling almost over and then the surprise of finding their house completely ready to move in.  Certainly a day to remember and a new life ahead of them.

Talking of Big Days -the gallery has been very busy today with interesting visitors from all over the world seeing out the final of the Rugby World Cup with much anticipation for this evenings final match between France and New Zealand. 

We also had a group of ladies visiting from the Waikato on a Takaro Trails bike ride.  A fun thing to plan and do – bike ride around Hawkes Bay and be royally looked after by Jenny and her team at Takaro Trails based in Napier.  The support is excellent and they even bring a van to pick up the shopping!

The Conservatory is only a couple of weeks away from being finished and is looking fantastic.  The garden is lush and green responding well to Bruce, Vicky and Gary’s attention.  We have lots of new sculpture coming into the garden – with some lovely pieces from our last trip.  One of them is this serpentine stone owl by Semeti Chiwahwa from Tengenenge which  is about to migrate to Birmingham, England having been chosen by some English visitors recently.

Finally, Sophie has been teaching Archie how to do the Haka in preparation for this evenings big game. A complete natural!

Until next time, thank you for reading and Go the All Blacks!

Louise and all at Birdwoods x

Conservatory Update….

It is all go here at Birdwoods with the building of the new Conservatory and Terrace well in progress. The roof is on, framing done, candelabra in place, window frames being made.  Grant Linnell Builders are doing a great job and we are on target to open November 12th 2011.

Here are a few photographs to show you where we have got to.

View from the sculpture garden.

Great roof space.

Thanks to Bay Scaffolding and an in-house-husband-scaffolder Bruce to reach the high bits.

The new Terrace along with safety nets – this will be lovely when drinking our home-made lemonade on  a hot summer day after having strolled around the sculpture garden and selected the perfect piece!

Believe it or not – the two metre wide candelabra wrapped up and in place looking like a giant spider!

Vicky Turfree – our wonderful gardener’s new Cherry Tree Walk and wildflower paddock with fine gates made by Noel Sangster, a retired carpenter and car collector.  A sculpture will be positioned at the end and lawn growing now in progress.

Our local Council Man  has been and inspected the building and all is as it should be thanks to Fat Parrot Architecture, good builders and immense patience and self control by the owners!

Archie went to the Dog Groomer recently as he and Black Dog had been rabbit hunting ….

 Back from the hunt and in disgrace!

Not loving the groomers!

Go the French ….. not really –  he is a supporter of All Black Dogs…..

Until next time, thank you for reading.  Louise and all at Birdwoods x