Oh so Suzani….

We have another wonderful product gracing the gallery – vintage Suzani cushions from Uzbekhistan. They have a ‘come lie down with me’ look – particularly if you are a dog! The big ones make for a great dog bed – truly stylish! Well Archie thinks so…

Suzani Archie 006

Suzani comes from the Persian word for “needle,” and refers to embroidered hangings or fabric coverings of the nomadic tribes of Central Asia.
The birthplace of Suzanis was in what is now Uzbekistan, the area along the Silk Roads that interconnected the cultures of Europe, Turkey and China with the Muslim world. With the establishment of the Silk Road, the Suzani art flourished. In the 19th century, Uzbek women produced excellent embroidered hangings, table covers, bed covers, wrapping cloths, and prayer mats for their households and their daughters’ dowries.
Traditionally, the family and friends of a bride join together to help make the textile furnishings of her home. Traditionally, women did not create the design of the Suzani fabrics themselves. They would take the material to an elder in the village or tribe who would then draw the design on the fabric. Common motifs found in Suzanis are the tulip, teardrop (paisley) and sunburst.

These cushions have been made from vintage Suzani works on cotton fabric and featuring wool and cotton embroidery. The large square floor cushions are filled with 100% New Zealand wool batts and all covers have been dry-cleaned. Prices range from $95 – $180. Do enquire further if you are interested.

Suzani Archie 018
So heavenly that Archie has now gone to sleep….. Louise x


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