Sharpening the creative senses…..

A couple of weeks have passed since our last posting ….. so to get back into it here are some images to flick through to sharpen and tantalise the creative senses. 

Enter into the Birdwoods world through our front gates on a glorious spring day like today and enjoy the images that stimulate us into sourcing interesting and creative pieces with artistic and authentic integrity – a philosophy we hold firm to.  We are often thrilled to see the very types of pieces that we source and sell gracing wonderful interiors and featured in top-end interior and design publications.

Enjoy them…

As you leave the imaginative world of interiors, do remember Birdwoods Gallery  is open seven days a week and is full of unusual pieces that can make your dream living space a better place to be.  Archie is alert and ready to greet you on most occasions!  So if you are nearby come and take the time to enjoy what we have created.

Archie, do wake up, we have visitors coming soon!

Until next time, thank you for looking.  Louise

(Image credits unknown, but thank you to the clever people who took them – they inspire us!)


About Birdwoods

My husband and I are the owners and operators of Birdwoods - a well known visitor attraction 3km out from Havelock North. We moved to New Zealand 14 years ago from Zimbabwe where in another life we owned a farm in Africa! View all posts by Birdwoods

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