We seem to have been handling a lot of boxes recently…

We have just finished four big days at the Central Hawkes Bay Pukeora Festival selling box loads of sweets.  We have to have been the busiest stall there – goodness we sold a lot, bags and bags flew out with the Sweet Shop ladies working fantastically.  Congratulations to Lorraine Bron who certainly carried and stored her fair share of boxes, Dawn Birchall, Glen Kempshall and Jill Richardson who had and needed bags of energy!

A box full of Hannah’s famous home-made Russian and Chocolate Fudge – the best.

Here is Archie being assisted by Hannah labelling hundreds of Sweet Shop bags until our lovely Jill Hodgkinson, our very efficient and glamorous Gallery Manager, had to ask his advice on bird matters.

Box of Chocolates – a tin in this case at $8.00 –  this and others available at the Birdwoods Sweet Shop.

Another box of surprises is Gary Baine, our fantastic Handy Man who ensures the gardens are groomed and the odd jobs all done.  You should see his Indian motorbike – they don’t call him ‘Shiny Baines’ for nothing.  It is a gem indeed – and you must watch the film about Burt Munro – “The World’s Fastest Indian’ if you have not already- not Rush Munro’s as that is our local famous ice-cream – you need to try that too.  So many famous things around here!

Our very own KA Halliday’s Box of Matches – we sell boxes of them – $6.00 each – she’s such a bright spark!  We are delighted to have her back in NZ after a month away in Sydney.  She was missed!

How about a fine zebra and giraffe box – don’t ask why they are standing on top of each other – perfect for your treasures.  Cleverly and carefully decoupaged by our very own talented Julia Whyte of Diana Black Design at only $35.50

Nearly time to get the croquet set out as summer is fast approaching.  This lovely boxed croquet set is made by George Wood of Wood Mallets (such an appropriate name) who happens to live just down the road in Central Hawke’s Bay and is really famous for his croquet sets and polo mallets.  He has customers in over 50 countries, and I love this bit, his mallets dominate the UK market with over 50% market share, and he lives in Otane!  This family set is $495.

If you are travelling through the little town towards the bottom of the North Island, you have to stop in and visit Pieter Vorster at Box of Birds – a wonderful ecclectic design shop full of really interesting things that we at Birdwoods admire and totally get what he is about.   All our box of birds are available at the Gallery – the Rooster is new and is rather gorgeous, we will have him on display after this.

Finally, a box would not be a box without a dog in it, and more famous than George’s mallets, Burt Munro and Rush Munro and much more ridiculous and providing hours of fun and amusement is our very own Archibald Samuel Stobart who is regularly in the Dog Box!

As always thank you for your reading time and Go the All Blacks!

Until next week, Louise and all at Birdwoods x


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My husband and I are the owners and operators of Birdwoods - a well known visitor attraction 3km out from Havelock North. We moved to New Zealand 14 years ago from Zimbabwe where in another life we owned a farm in Africa! View all posts by Birdwoods

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