Peter vs. Louis Vuitton…

We have had fun this week.   Peter has given Louis Vuitton a run for their money in all his glory. Men have pretended to be hard at work digging and making plans and the weather has finally given us a taste of spring.

This is how the Gallery looked yesterday sporting a new black and white centre table on the back of last weeks blog.   Ostrich eggs taking centre stage at only $20 each and we have plenty of them.  They look just gorgeous stacked in a big bowl.

And here is our Man of the Moment – meet Peter the Nigerian, who is most definitely NOT for sale.  He was once, but we love him too much and we have such fun dressing him up!  This week he is sporting an Afrique Ostrich Feather lampshade for sale at $410.  A traditional North African camel hair rug  at $495 and Gucci sunglasses at $860 (not really, someone left them in the gallery).  However, of importance is the Maxwell Gochera ostrich sculpture, a one of a kind piece for $1100 which Peter is walking out with.

This is Max, he really is worthy of a blog of his own which I will do one day, but just thought I would give you a sneak preview.

So here is the Louis Vuitton (LVM for those in the know) New Bond Street Window in London sporting an ostrich look.  How up are we!  I have to think Peter was well ahead of LVM and who is that bald headed women ??

Now we can show off.  Take a look at our contribution to LVM window decorating.  Sorry the photo is not very good, but the girl who took this was accosted by LVM bodyguards as you are not allowed to take photos of their window displays.  This was in the spring of 2005 when Birdwoods showcased in all 80 of LVM shop windows around the world to help celebrate their 150th anniversary.  So we have been there, ostrich and all!

Back to Peter….  Is he not just the most handsome creature, apart from Archie of course?

From dudes to diggers…. the men started to come out and play with their toys as the first steps of the Conservatory started to happen this week.  Upgrading of the electricity equals trenches and mud but happy kitchen and gallery staff – no more tripped fuses!

Bryce from Contact Electrical (highly recommended), Gary Baines (our wonderful handyman) and Stu Bulled (Digger Man and Hannah’s Man) talking gum tree roots and trench depth.

Black Dog inspecting the layout of the new Terrace and wildflower arbor in the paddock.

The Workers!

Not that Archie considers himself a worker, but he was handy in the scoop!

Thank you to Julia Whyte of Diana Black Design for her photographs and gallery styling and for Louis Vuitton for their wonderful windows.

Until next week, thank you for your reading time.

From all of us at Birdwoods, Louise x


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My husband and I are the owners and operators of Birdwoods - a well known visitor attraction 3km out from Havelock North. We moved to New Zealand 14 years ago from Zimbabwe where in another life we owned a farm in Africa! View all posts by Birdwoods

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