Kina, Happy Sheep and Conversational Table Mats….

This week we are delighted to feature Jenn Kight of Insight Design whose work we love selling in the Gallery.  Jenn hand crafts and designs functional art pieces using kina shells and sheeps wool from their farm in the Wairarapa.  She also has a clever and quirky hand-made (believe me I have seen her painstakingly make them) range of conversational table mats – do hop online and see her wide selection.     Her Kiwiana collection are top sellers and make a great gift perfect to get a dinner conversation going.

Akitio is a special part of New Zealand, situated right on the coast  in the Wairarapa  region, and is also home to Ed and Jenn Kight whose family have farmed Akitio Station for generations. 

The entrance to Akitio Station is impressive – constructed from railway tracking and made by Ricks Terstappen who lives just down the road from the Gallery.  Ricks is a well known sculptor whose work we love having in the sculpture garden.

 Ed and Jenn in farm mode.

Jenn scours the beach and reefs for kina shells (sea anenome) along the 19 km pristine coastal boundary, then after a lengthy and smelly process of cleaning and strengthening the kina, she sets about  creating candlesticks, paper-weights, photo-holders and fridge magnets.  They have to be one of natures perfect designs and are the most delicate sage green colour and really tactile too.

Kina shell lamp base and shade – $489 – One of my best buys – we have them as bedside lamps and I love them!

Kina name place/photograph holders – $12  to $25 each depending on size.  Excellent Christmas presents.

Kina Diamante Magnets – $10 each.

Candlesticks – $170 each – perfect with a big fat  National Candle atop – they don’t drip.

Akitio Sheep on the Beach!  How good does it get for them.

Sheep on the Sofa.  Two skin – $299 – Sorry sheep!

One can book accommodation down at Akitio – a wonderful getaway, no cell phone coverage, fabulously wild beaches and great walking.  We have done it and highly recommend it – just contact Ed and Jenn who are very hospitable and have a very comfortable and stylish house to rent.

Archie had a bath this morning, especially for this photo shoot – no smelly dogs on Jenn’s rugs!  Black Dog and Archie choose Akitio Sheep Skin rugs as their bed linen of choice. 

This is now my eighth blog posting and as promised I put you in the draw for a baby kiwi on my birthday which was last week …. and the winner was…… Mike and Melanie Lewis of Hawthorne House  It is worth having a good look at their website – really professional and full of useful information if you are a visitor.  A baby kiwi will be on the way to lend support to their lodge for all the visitors hopefully booked in for the Rugby World Cup!

Thank you for your reading time, until next week.

Louise and all at Birdwoods x


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