Hello Everyone …

Welcome to Birdwoods!

One of the many special things about Birdwoods Gallery is that everything has a story which we love to tell people about.  Every piece we buy is authentic, having soul and character and is something we would have in our own home.   We know the people who make them and take great care in selecting each piece, regularly travelling through Africa and New Zealand to discover them.

The next door companion the Sweet Shop is unashamedly old-fashioned and is exactly as a proper sweet shop should be.  We will keep you tempted with the sweet treats on offer and introduce you to the lovely ladies who work there.

As for Archie and Black Dog – well you will have to wait to see what they get up to, as they make us laugh every single day.  We have visitors coming to the Gallery just because they are here!

So do sign up right now and have a quick look each week to see what we are up to.  Just to tempt you, we will do a draw on the 30th July, which happens to be my birthday, and the lucky person will receive one of our little metal sculpture Kiwi made from recycled oil drums and always a winner!

Louise Stobart – Owner Birdwoods Gallery

Images courtesty of Diana Black Design


About Birdwoods

My husband and I are the owners and operators of Birdwoods - a well known visitor attraction 3km out from Havelock North. We moved to New Zealand 14 years ago from Zimbabwe where in another life we owned a farm in Africa! View all posts by Birdwoods

4 responses to “Hello Everyone …

  • Kate H

    The picture of your two ‘hard-case’ dogs would melt the hardest heart!!

  • Annabel

    You look beautiful … as do Archie and Black Dog!

  • toni

    i have been to birdswood many times originally just to check out the sweets store, but my first visit to the gallery was exceptional and the ladies so friendly that i have since been back many times to take friends, all who have lived in the hawkes bay for many years but not experienced birdswood, and im happy to say that they now take thier friends and family.

  • Amelia du Toit

    Love the people, love the animals and love the product!!! Well done to you all!

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